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Comment from : Medic Mind

Rainuriftiann EhziraElwancen
Comment from : Rainuriftiann EhziraElwancen

Paul Sawford
At least he got an apology
Comment from : Paul Sawford

Medic Mind
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Comment from : Medic Mind

Jessica Kimmie
Wtf I don’t know how u would handle this
Comment from : Jessica Kimmie

Steve B
This was a first-rate response from the doctor who had to explain the mistake, despite a few minor lapses from character. Excellent, alert, attentive posture. Calm and gentle voice. Clear, concise sentences. Acknowledgement of the family relative's anger without opening doors to unnecessary further debate. Cautious exposition of the scenario given that the doctor's colleagues, not him, were responsible for the mistake. And he was good-looking too. A class act. Had this been me, I would have opened the conversation with a light quip: "Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit. [LAUGH]". But I'm not a doctor
Comment from : Steve B

Balram Trivedi
10/10 to the interviewer for acting.
Comment from : Balram Trivedi

Emad Izadi
0:18 "just take a sit for a second" tries to stand up and sit down again just to prove that look am not lying am sat.
Comment from : Emad Izadi

Definitely not a great performance. He should have reassured the guy before telling him about the mistake. He let the stress build up
Comment from : Still_learning

Rs Hacks
1:42 That smile though looool
Comment from : Rs Hacks

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